Our first story

Here at Chiivi, we love telling stories, so here’s one to get you started.

We kicked this project off because we wanted to help people. Sure, that sounds a bit cheesy, but here’s why it’s true. Each person involved in the formation of Chiivi had plenty of experience in their given area, whether that was in project management, journalism, web design or counselling, but none of them felt as though they were doing much more than treading water. They’d go to work each day and go through the motions, and in the evening they’d return home and feel as though something was missing.

Like many people, they went about their daily lives hiding this strange hollow feeling, never speaking to anyone about it, and it wasn’t until a random lunch between the former project manager and former journalist, a year into working together, that this shared sense of something missing came up in conversation. The hollowness, they quickly realised, came out of a lack of substance in what they were doing, and a need to do something with their time that was of genuine use to other people.

Within days, they’d decided to do something about it. Combining a desire to make a difference with a love of storytelling, the idea of Chiivi quickly began to take shape. Helping people to achieve something became an important part of the nascent idea (hence the name, Chiivi), and the realisation that people would want to talk about their achievements – to tell their stories – also seemed vital. Add in that all-important, modern layer of social interaction, and Chiivi looked like becoming a website that could help people achieve their goals, tell others about their achievements, and then offer advice and inspiration to fellow users.

Like any good story, this tale requires structure, and where we’re at now feels very much like the beginning. The next few chapters will start to formulate following the launch of our very rough and ready beta version. What you’ll see on the website today is by no means the finished product, and we really want you to be a part of what comes next. Feel free to try Chiivi out – to get to know it well and to offer your suggestions.

In the meantime, we promise to keep you informed on the latest goings on via this blog. Keep in touch. We’ll see you again soon.