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  • 4-minute static apnea

  • Wow! Yesterday I reached all targets in one session and raised my PB to 3:56! The 5mm wetsuit made all the difference. I felt warm and very comfortable in the water. Next time I'll ask my buddy to tell me the time every 10 seconds towards the end, so I can push it a bit more at the end

  • Reach 3:30

  • Reach 3:40

  • Reach 3:50

  • Yesterday in Apnea Revolution's monthly static session I only did 3:05. The pool water was very cold and I was only wearing a rash vest (stupid, I know!). Next month I'll wear my 5mm wetsuit

  • At the moment I can reach 3:00 if I push a bit. My PB is 3:52 (reached more than 2 years ago)

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